Hymn of the Month

How would you like a brand-new Carolyn Hamlin organ arrangement every month? With the Hymn of the Month Club that's the new reality. No more waiting a year or longer for Carolyn's next book. Now you can get her latest arrangements delivered straight to your e-mail inbox all through the year!

At the beginning of each month you'll receive a fresh arrangement from Carolyn, along with a message of background and inspiration. (One or two times a year, the arrangement may be a new edition of one of her out-of-print classics.)

When entering your billing information, don't forget to include the e-mail address to which you want your new arrangement sent.

Only $40 billed once a year. Subscribing is easy and each year your subscription will be automatically renewed on your original payment date.



If you every need to unsubscribe, it's easy with the button below.